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EBMC Performance Space is available for screenings, solo & small performances, theatre,

comedy, lectures, workshops, auditions, classes, seminars, photo and video shoots, readings,

recitals and musical events.

"A sometimes neglected community gem, surrounded by more recognized venues of different sorts,

the EBMC is one with maximum integrity and intensive usefulness, on Addison near Milvia

"at the frontier of the Berkeley Arts District," as Mel Vapour, Director, puts it with a smile.

-Ken Bullock - Berkeley Daily Planet

Located in Berkeleys Downtown Arts District at 1939 Addison Street. 1 block from Downtown Berkeley Bart

Contact for availability & terms: 510.843.3699 -

Below find current & several past screenings and solo performers events





JULY 12 - 6:30pm EBMC Performance Space

Zachary T. Scott's latest short film is in the can.

Free screening to the first 1,000!!!




The demolition of Frank's Auto Glass next door to EBMC is in progress.

photo Kealoha


Advance tickets available now! PHONE:(510) 843-3699









Johnny on Valentines Friday night at EBMC gives mongrel history lessons

Click on the graphic above to link for tix purchases

Johnny Steele is a comedian, some-time talk show host, writer, humorist, political satirist, acclaimed actor and all-around loud mouth commentator.



Reception Friday November 15, 2013 from 7 - 9 p.m.

Showing Saturday & Sunday November 16 & November 17 from 11a.m. - 5 p.m.

East Bay Media Center Performance Space
1939 Addison Street . Berkeley. CA 94704
This exciting show captures 50 years of work from local artist, Roy Scott.  As a painter entering his 80th year, the work – old and new – is urgent and present, calling the viewer to look, and look again.  For those familiar with his work in the last two decades, the breadth of his work will be an eye-opener.  As one patron asked, “Why isn't his work in SFMOMA?”
Roy Scott has been experimenting with light, color and texture for decades.  The results are luminous, whether observed in his series of darkly whimsical  'circus' faces,  the shimmering abstracts, or his more recent landscapes, and fruits and vegetables series.    Using painting techniques first made famous by the Dutch Masters, Scott alternates numerous thin layers of paint with transparent layers, making his subjects glow.  His masterful blending of color gives the objects weight and mass, and a solemn solidity.  
Scott received both undergraduate & graduate degrees from CCAC in Oakland CA, studying with Louis Miljarek, Nathan Olivera and Clayton Pinkerton, among others.  Scott has taught in a variety of settings including an Air Force Base in New Mexico, San Jose State University, and as an artist-in-residence at the Richmond schools through a program sponsored by the California Council of the Arts.  His work has been shown in cafes, exhibitions and galleries and graces the homes of many collectors in CA, MA, and NY.  He lives and works in Berkeley, CA.
Contact:  Deborah Scott


Friday November 22nd 7:30pm

movie site

Berkeley underground filmmaker Antero Alli's feminist drama follows Alice, a Professor of Comparative Religion, down the proverbial rabbit hole after meeting Jane, an enigmatic older woman who roams the campus, sleeps under a bridge, and rattles her with disturbing insights.  Featuring an all S.F. Bay area cast. Music by Sylvi Alli who will also perform several songs before the screening accompanying herself on accordian.  Filmmaker Antero Alli will be present for post-screening Q & A. 


Click on 'Official Selections' link:


October 25, 26, 27 - November 1, 2, 3 - "BERKELEY VIDEO & FILM FESTIVAL 2013"



The Party in Taylor Mead’s Kitchen – Jeffrey Wengrofsky
Documentary, 10 minutes
Screens at 7:15pm

One Night at The Aristo – Nic Saunders – U.S. Premiere
Experimental, 24 minutes
Screens at 7:30pm


Abstract Alchemist of Flesh – Colin Still – U.S. Premiere
Arts, 55 minutes
Screens at 8:10pm


Moment of the Making – Jesse Block
Arts, 4 minutes
Screens at 9:20pm



The Ghosts of Jeju – Regis Tremblay – Pax Tibi Productions
Documentary, 80 minutes
Screens at 4:00pm

Epistolary Fusillades – David Finkelstein
Experimental, 18 minutes
Screens at 5:30pm

The Storm– Charles Denson
Documentary, 20 minutes
Screens at 5:50pm


The Joke That Is My Life – Neil Ira Needleman
Comedy, 11 minutes
Screens at 7:15pm

Revolution – Produced and directed by Rob Stewart
Documentary, 85 minutes
Screens at 7:30pm


The Terence McKenna Experience:

Where The Only Laws Are Laws of The Human Imagination – Ken Adams
Experimental, 68 minutes
Screens at 9:15pm



The Healthiest Man on Earth – Gary Turchin
Arts, 26 minutes
Screens at 3:00pm

Her Mother’s Love – Sage Drake
Short Feature, 9 minutes
Screens at 3:30pm

Summer Teen Media Camp 2013
Teen Videos, 45 minutes
Screens at 3:45pm

Fire Ruin Renewal– Margaretta K. Mitchell
Documentary, 23 minutes
Screens at 4:30pm

Budapest: An American Quest – Lynn Schneider
Ethnographic, 28 minutes
Screens at 5:00pm, Q&A to follow

15 min Intermission

A Charming & Quaint Tale of Brutal Revenge – Neil Ira Needleman
Short Feature, 8 minutes
Screens at 6:00pm

Border Woman/ Mujer Frontera – Adrian Arias
Experimental, 4 minutes
Screens at 6:10pm

Machete Maidens Unleashed! – Veronica Fury and Mark Hartley
Documentary, 84 minutes
Screens at 6:20pm
Wear a Halloween mask-costume and get half off your ticket.

15 min Intermission

The Substance – Albert Hofmann’s LSD – Martin Witz
Documentary, 90 minutes
Screens at 8:00pm


Student Films Marathon

Iris – Justin S. Lee
Student Filmmaker, 6 minutes
Screens at 5:45pm

We Need To Talk – Zachary T. Scott
Student Filmmaker, 15 minutes
Screens at 6:00pm

Cuvée – Shareef Salaam
Student Filmmaker, 16 minutes
Screens at 6:20pm

The Fifth Horseman – Kari Barber
Narrative, USC Student Film, 30 minutes
Screens at 6:40pm

The Case of the Missing Garden Gnome – Alberto Belli
Narrative, USC Student Film, 18 minutes
Screens at 7:10pm

Mein Schloss – Amy Adler
Documentary, USC Student Film, 26 minutes
Screens at 7:30pm

15 min Intermission

Haven’s Point – Anna Elizabeth James
Narrative, USC Student Film, 14 minutes
Screens at 8:15pm

Bluebird Street – Gil Marsden
Narrative, USC Student Film, 14 minutes
Screens at 8:30pm

The Most Girl Part of You – Mark Cummins
Narrative, USC Student Film, 18 minutes
Screens at 8:45pm

Of Sand and Sea – Erik Howell
Narrative, USC Student Film, 19 minutes
Screens at 9:05pm

How to Change the World – Yili Li
Narrative, USC Student Film, 18 minutes
Screens at 9:25pm

15 min Intermission

Shaya – Amir Noorani
Narrative, USC Student Film, 19 minutes
Screens at 10:00pm

Beyond the Echo of the Drum – Lori Webster
Documentary, USC Student Film, 20 minutes
Screens at 10:20pm

Genderfreak – Rebecca Louisell
Narrative, USC Student Film, 19 minutes
Screens at 10:40pm

If Attacked – Ian Becker
Narrative, USC Student Film, 17 minutes
Screens at 11:00pm

Waking up – Yuta Okamura
Narrative, USC Student Film, 11 minutes
Screens at 11:20pm


iBook Seminar and Student Films Marathon

iBook Workshop for the Independent Producer with Ken Adams
Hands-on workshop with filmmaker and graphic designer Ken Adams of Austin, Texas.
Starts at 2:00pm to 3:00pm. Q&A with Ken Adams to follow.

Intro Animation – Einar Baldvin
USC Student Film, 32 seconds
Screens at 3:30pm

Mr. Blue Sky – Einar Baldvin, Sullivan Brown, Robert Calcagno, Lisa Chung, Miguel Jiron, Amy Lee Ketchum
 USC Student Film, 4 minutes
Screens at 3:31pm

The Collector’s Gift – Ryan Kravetz
USC Student Film, 9 minutes
Screens at 3:35pm

Shadow Factory – Yizhou Li
USC Student Film, 2 minutes
Screens at 3:44pm

<file not found> – Maria Sequeira
USC Student Film, 5 minutes
Screens at 3:46pm

Badbloom, FL – Ryan Gillis
USC Student Film, 2 minutes
Screens at 3:51pm

The High Five Apprentice – Tom Kanter
USC Student Film, 8 minutes
Screens at 3:53pm

Register Rap! – Joshua Weisbrod
USC Student Film, 2 minutes
Screens at 4:00pm

Gecko’s Gamble – Matthew Steidl
USC Student Film, 5 minutes
Screens at 4:02pm

Geometry – Simo Liu
USC Student Film, 2 minutes
Screens at 4:07pm

Bob Hope – Careen Ingle
USC Student Film, 8 minutes
Screens at 4:09pm

Shape Dance – Lou Morton and Amy Lee Ketchum
USC Student Film, 3 minutes
Screens at 4:17pm

Tailypo – LaMar Ford
USC Student Film, 4 minutes
Screens at 4:20pm

Platter – Lou Morton
USC Student Film, 1 minute
Screens at 4:24pm

The Sixth Stage – Jordan Prieto
USC Student Film, 3 minutes
Screens at 4:25pm

Sad John – Junjie Zhang
USC Student Film, 3 minutes
Screens at 4:28pm

Spotlight – Simon Wilches-Castro
USC Student Film, 3 minutes
Screens at 4:31pm

Tomato Adventure – ShihChieh Chiu
USC Student Film, 2 minutes
Screens at 4:34pm

Hu’s Game – Seong Young Kim
USC Student Film, 8 minutes
Screens at 4:36pm

Earth Brain Wrinkle – Dustin Reno
USC Student Film, 2 minutes
Screens at 4:44pm

The Shopgirl – Diana Ling
USC Student Film, 4 minutes
Screens at 4:46pm

Baboon – Einar Baldvin
USC Student Film, 3 minutes
Screens at 4:50pm

Ladies Knight – Joseph Rothenberg
USC Student Film, 9 minutes
Screens at 4:53pm

A Few Words In Favor of God – Neil Ira Needleman
Short Feature, 4 minutes
Screens at 5:10pm

10 min Intermission

Mysteries of the Human Voice – Veronica Fury, Bettina Dalton and Stefan
Documentary, 50 minutes
Screens at 5:25pm, Q&A with Dr. Krzysztof Izdebski

15 min Intermission

Gyre – Lindsay Morrison
Narrative, USC Student Film, 18 minutes
Screens at 7:00pm

Eddie Puzynski – Jeremy Michael Cohen
Narrative, USC Student Film, 17 minutes
Screens at 7:20pm

Willowbrook – Ross Cohen
Narrative, USC Student Film, 16 minutes
Screens at 7:40pm

Paulie – Andrew Nackman
Narrative, USC Student Film, 11 minutes
Screens at 8:00pm

Canto de Familia – Lindsey Villarreal
Documentary, USC Student Film, 19 minutes
Screens at 8:15pm

In Brotherhood – Nabila Lester (Act I), Stephen Parsey (Act II), Devin Law (Act III)
TV Pilot, USC Student Film, 43 minutes
Screens at 8:35pm

15 min Intermission

Exedia Nation – Tyrell Lloyd
Narrative, USC Student Film, 18 minutes
Screens at 9:35pm

Tina for President – Carmen Emmi
Narrative, USC Student Film, 14 minutes
Screens at 9:55pm

An Early Summer – Lu Lu
Narrative, USC Student Film, 17 minutes
Screens at 10:10pm

Bingo Night – Conor Fetting-Smith
Documentary, USC Student Film, 22 minutes
Screens at 10:30pm

10 min Intermission

Elie’s Overcoat – Erik Howell
Narrative, USC Student Film, 15 minutes
Screens at 11:05pm

Traffic Cone – Victor Ridaura
Narrative, USC Student Film, 8 minutes
Screens at 11:20pm

Psychosis – Ian Christian Blanche
Narrative, USC Student Film, 15 minutes
Screens at 11:30pm


Student Films Marathon

The Unknown Craftsman – Rachel Zurcher
Young Producer, 5 minutes
Screens at 4:15pm

America – Sophie Le Neveu
Young Producer, 4 minutes
Screens at 4:25pm

The People of People’s Park – Madeleine C. Shiber
Young Producer, 8 minutes
Screens at 4:35pm

15 min Intermission

Deja-Vous – Christabel Savalas
Short Feature, 7 minutes
Screens at 5:00pm

Between Brothers – Erik Douglas
Narrative, USC Student Film, 16 minutes
Screens at 5:15pm

Josephine and the Roach – Jonathan Langager
Narrative, USC Student Film, 15 minutes
Screens at 5:35pm

A Second Chance – David Aristizabal
Documentary, USC Student Film, 23 minutes
Screens at 5:50pm

All the Splendour of the Years – Charlene Wang
Narrative, USC Student Film, 20 minutes
Screens at 6:15pm

15 min Intermission

Jody’s Bra – Janine Sides
Narrative, USC Student Film, 14 minutes
Screens at 6:50pm

Found – Anthony Bushman
Narrative, USC Student Film, 19 minutes
Screens at 7:05pm

Lost Dog – Vanessa Pantley
Narrative, USC Student Film, 12 minutes
Screens at 7:25pm

The Chemist – Jeff Toye
Narrative, USC Student Film, 14 minutes
Screens at 7:40pm

The Grift – Kelly Nygaard
Narrative, USC Student Film, 9 minutes
Screens at 7:55pm

15 min Intermission

Stepping Out? – Yaminah McKessey
Documentary, USC Student Film, 22 minutes
Screens at 8:20pm

unSETTLED – Joselito Seldera
Narrative, USC Student Film, 18 minutes
Screens at 8:45pm

Penny Arcade – Karl Stieg
Narrative, USC Student Film, 12 minutes
Screens at 9:05pm

This Time Tomorrow – Lucy Marie Eagleson
Narrative, USC Student Film, 14 minutes
Screens at 9:20pm

Delikadesa – Lea W. Dizon
Narrative, USC Student Film, 16 minutes
Screens at 9:35pm

Midnight – Talia Lidia
Narrative, USC Student Film, 12 minutes
Screens at 9:55pm



October 28 - Free Spirit - Joshua Safran Event - 7 pm

Multi-media Presentation, Conversation & Book Signing with Author & Advocate Joshua Safran,

sharing his and his mother's powerful childhood story of surviving and overcoming domestic violence at home

Meet Joshua Safran: attorney, writer, speaker, and "occasional rabbi" who was featured in the award-winning documentary Crime After Crime for his pro-bono efforts to free Deborah Peagler, an incarcerated survivor of intimate partner battering. Joshua took on the LA District Attorney in a 7-year fight for justice -- and has since become a champion for women's rights and a zealous advocate for survivors of domestic violence and the wrongfully imprisoned.

Now in his newly-published memoir Free Spirit: Growing Up On the Road and Off the Grid Joshua tells his own personal story. He will share with us how a 10 year old boy living with the terror of domestic violence at home can free himself -- and his mother -- to become the man he is today.

Tickets: $8 - $15 sliding scale
This event is a benefit for Shalom Bayit and the Family Violence Law Center.
Info: Call Shalom Bayit at (510) 451-8874



September 11 - "FEMALE FACES OF WAR" - 6 pm

September 28 - "MYSTERIES OF THE HUMAN VOICE" - 5:30pm



Producer - Director Jessie Deeter of 'SPARK A Burning Man Story' reflects on

the making of her film at East Bay Media Center's screening of 'SPARK' on August 10, '13.

Michael Caplan, Director of the City of Berkeley's Office of Economic Development

and enabler of the Berkeley Spark Festival, and EBMC's Mel Vapour introduces the film,

'SPARK A Burning Man Story' at East Bay Media Center's Performance Space.

Caplan commented that the First Annual Berkeley Spark Festival was a first in the country

and deemed it a success.

photos courtesy of L A Wood



May 18 Saturday – East Bay Media Center – Berkeley

 5:00 pm Saving Dolma

6:15 pm Beneath Everest


May 18 Saturday -East Bay Media Center – Berkeley

 12:00 pm Old Dog

2:00 pm Into the Current

4:00 pm The Desert Eats Us




A powerful and eye-opening film about the future of cannabis-and perhaps

even the future of medicine. Narrated by Emmy-winning actor, Peter Coyote,

and featuring interviews with Dr. Robert Melamede, Associate Professor

and Biology Chairman, University of Colorado, Dr. Sean D. McAllister, PhD,

researcher at the California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco.

Dr. Jeffrey Hergenrather, M.D.,Dr. David Bearman M.D., Dr. Manuel Guzman,

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, School of Biology

Complutense University Madrid, Spain, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, Professor of

Medical Chemistry at the University of Jerusalem, Dr. Donald Abrams,

Professor of Clinical Medicine and Integrative Oncology, UC San Francisco.

MAY 3 - FRIDAY - 7:45pm - $7.

MAY 4 - SATURDAY - 7:45pm - $7.



A feature film directed by Tao Ruspoli starring Shawn Andrews, Olivia Wilde,
Megalyn Echikunwoke, Tao Ruspoli, Dedee Pfeiffer and Andrew Fiscella.

Racing across Los Angeles in one, unwieldy day, documentary filmmakers
Bella and Milo race from Beverly Hills to Watts and places in between to
get Milo's brother Leo from jail to rehab before 8pm, or Leo goes to prison
for three years. A story inspired by true events, the trio documents their trip
from a suburban police station in Calabasas through mansions in Beverly Hills,
East LA chop-shops, rural wastelands, and housing projects in Watts as they
attempt to raise the $5,000 required to get Leo into the rehab clinic.

Along the way encountering dozens of colorful characters, each with their
own anomalous perspective on Leo's larger than life personality and style,
and each with their own excuse for why they cannot help out. In the end,
it may take a drug deal to get the necessary funds for rehab.

MAY 10 - FRIDAY - 7:45pm - $7.



We quickly move beyond the Greeks and then beyond Descartes' mentalist

notion ("I think therefore I am") of reality to Martin Heidegger's conception:

reality and meaning exist where minds interact with the world. We see humans

at work and at play: juggling, doing high-precision Japanese carpentry,

flamenco, and cooking gumbo. While we watch them work and struggle to

introspect and talk about their art and their craft, we also hear Hubert Dreyfus

and his students reflect on Heidegger and his philosophy. Our artisans confess

that they cannot explain in rational terms how they do what they do.

The being is in the doing. Interviews and action intertwine to make a

challenging philosophy clear to the lay viewer.

MAY 11 - SATURDAY - 7:45pm - $7.



Angela and her crew at Saturdays book launch


WET PAINT – A Poetry Storm
in person: author Rhae Angela Tomeoni

at: East Bay Media Center /Performance Space 1939 Addison/Berkeley Arts District/510-843-3699

BERKELEY, CA- The ink is barely dry on the new book WET PAINT- A Poetry Storm.
Your copy is waiting for you and so is author Rhae Angela Tomeoni. She will be sharing her life's
adventure using poetry and music mix. Actor and MC, Ahmad Cannon will set the literary table for
this early evening event. Refreshments before and booksigning after. Special pricing for the bookswill be in effect on the day of the event.




APRIL 26 - FRIDAY - DAKOTA 38 - 7:45pm - Donation

APRIL 27 - SATURDAY - DAKOTA 38 - 7:45pm - Donation

In the spring of 2005, Jim Miller, a Native spiritual leader and Vietnam veteran, found himself in a dream riding on horseback across the great plains of South Dakota. Just before he awoke, he arrived at a riverbank in Minnesota and saw 38 of his Dakota ancestors hanged. At the time, Jim knew nothing of the largest mass execution in United States history, ordered by Abraham Lincoln on December 26, 1862. "When you have dreams, you know when they come from the creator... As any recovered alcoholic, I made believe that I didn't get it. I tried to put it out of my mind, yet it's one of those dreams that bothers you night and day."

Now, four years later, embracing the message of the dream, Jim and a group of riders retrace the 330-mile route of his dream on horseback from Lower Brule, South Dakota to Mankato, Minnesota to arrive at the hanging site on the anniversary of the execution. "We can't blame the wasichus anymore. We're doing it to ourselves. We're selling drugs. We're killing our own people. That's what this ride is about, is healing." This is the story of their journey- the blizzards they endure, the Native and Non-Native communities that house and feed them along the way, and the dark history they are beginning to wipe away.










Photo of Weller The International MadMan at his EBMC performance on March 23.13

"This guy is not right" - Mike Tyson





The X-plicit Players have held more than 250 events naked in the streets and parks around Berkeley and San Francisco.

Their performances are known internationally for opening the urban terrain as a playground for not only nudity, but also rituals of alternative functions of touch, soundscape, and spontaneous movement. Their Annual Nude and Breast Freedom Parades are filled with bright color, revelation, and intimate abandon. Attended by a diverse mix of nudists, freedom-lovers, international wild-men, and local innocent bystanders, each Parade includes a series of rituals celebrating the beauty of the body and its liberation. Groups of nudes move "as one", through city streets, amongst police, street people, merchants, students and tourists who often gather to watch and join into a radical dream-theater.

For some time we've been planning a series of movies about these events, and finally, on March 15th, we're premiering excerpts from the 9th Annual Nude and Breast Freedom Parade, held in Berkeley in September of 2000. "Incarnating for an Afternoon" is a 50-minute video resonant with the magic of the Parade. This Surreal documentary entertainingly conveys the tone and flavor of the Parade, features amusing, arty visual effects, and, in the time-honored tradition of the movies, provides an excuse to put your arm around your girlfriend.

Deb and Marty Kent, directors of the X-plicit Players, will be screening excerpts from the movies, enacting rituals with the audience, making copies available for sale, and answering questions about the movies, the history of public nudity in Berkeley, and the meaning(s) of life.For more details, movie trailers, etc, take a look at or call (510) 926 5265.






An evening with Comedian, Storyteller, Impresario,
Master of Ceremony, Champion Boxer, MMA & Heavy Metal Promoter,
and one outrageous dude....


“Weller was there in the beginning, was one of our first promoters, a true Metal Maniac!” - Lars Ulrich & James Hetfield, METALLICA
"The guy is not right" - Mike Tyson, Ex-Heavyweight Champion of the World
“Gargle My Sack” - Evan Seinfeld, BIOHAZARD Bass, Lead singer. RockstarPornstar
“Weller parties hard, especially in the steel cage” - Tom Brady, 3 time Super Bowl Champion
“A Complete Madman” - Zach Wilde, Guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne
“Krelly-Moto is one of a kind” - Neil "Zloz" Zlozower, Legendary Rock Photographer





Summer Workshop at EBMC 2012




David A. Moss in 'Cracked Clown' at East Bay Media Center

Review by Ken Bullock - Berkeley Daily Planet - November 18, 2011

"I'm so glad you came to see me ..."

Turning on the ebullient charm of the seasoned performer,

David Moss smiles broadly at the spill-over crowd in the East Bay Media Center,

seemingly welcoming them, more than a little unctuous ... 

But quickly it's apparent that only the face is Moss'; the figure standing before us is the personification of crack cocaine,

the greeting to Moss himself, alone except for his obsession and its specter in a motel room ...

Playing it half as a joke, half in deadly--vicious--earnest, the figure of crack rubs it in to his victim that he knows

"you love me" and what that exacts: "See that smoke? That's your soul."

Then paranoia in a motel room: "Hide me in the Bible!"

And all the ghosts, the demons of a life leading up to the moment of attempted escape flash before Moss' eyes--and ours.

Retrieving memories--some very funny; others sad, even pathetic--Moss succeeds in that great histrionic search--

he makes time stop, onstage and off. Mixed in with observations, declarations, running gags and repetitions of gestures,

behavior, he parses out a life that questions itself, having run aground.

The mood swings become part of the stagecraft--'way up, and 'way, 'way down ...

The dynamics of 'Cracked Clown' can be vertiginous. Moss isn't just the clown, he's an aerialist, a contortionist,

the whole circus.

Acting out a plethora of characterizations, from caricatures to well-rounded portraits,

Moss morphs from himself and his tormentor to his  younger self,

to that kid's GI Joe action doll ("a POW" when confiscated at school),

his "nine-foot tall German teacher with purple lips"

("Ever see anybody who has purple lips who ain't dead?");

his alcoholic--and increasingly sympathetic--black father, condemned to drink

"not because he married my [white] mother, but because he had a country name ...

he had to wake up every morning and say,

'Goddam! My name's Elwood! I need a drink!'"); his "white--Catholic!--stepfather,"

another alkie, who takes it upon him to show his stepson

how badly the world can treat someone of color ...

And taking it up a notch, Jesus, a little plastered at the wedding in Cana,

complaining about having to turn the water into wine ...

"I'm not an alcoholic; I'm a Christian!" Moss cries out in an epiphany--for somebody else.

"Half-white, half-black--what does it mean? My first car was a Cadillac with a gun-rack in back!"

David Moss has been acting in plays--the last I saw him in: 'War Music' at ACT, in which he was vigorous,

mercurial, arresting--and gigging around the Bay and elsewhere in stand-up comedy for years now.

In this, his most personal performance, he brings the same intensity to playing himself,

acting out his own thoughts and obsessions as he's brought to great roles,

both comic and dramatic on the stage--to Malvolio; to Mack the Knife,

to an American muslim held as a terrorist in Central Works'

'Enemy Combatant.'This isn't something easy. Exactly the point of Moss' play:

the real person you are is hard to catch, never to be impersonated.

He's performed 'Cracked Crown' before, most recently in August at the Media Center,

to sold-out crowds, which provoked his return over two nights last weekend.

He'll be doing it again before long, somewhere around here--and it should be seen.

It's an unusual solo show, more intense, thoughtful and funny than most.

And it's funniest in places where most unexpected. And in the midst of hysterical humor,

Moss turns on a dime to confront the most sobering of realities. Then laughs!

The East Bay Media Center has presented four live performances recently,

according to co-founders Mel Vapour and Paul Kealoha Blake,

and there're hopes of many more, plus screenings, discussions--and a remodeling,

or at least, rearrangement of the house.

A sometimes neglected community gem, surrounded by more recognized venues of different sorts,

the EBMC is one with maximum integrity and intensive usefulness,

on Addison near Milvia "at the frontier of the Berkeley Arts District," as Vapour puts it with a smile.




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