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Most Grantors and Foundations require individuals seeking grants to partner with a non profit organization for funding. EBMC provides that service for a 7.25% fee for projects up to $100k; funding beyond that a 6.25% fee will be inacted.

Projects Currently in production:






'In and Behind the Chair'

A Documentary by Nanci Pecker

When Nanci Pecker dreamed of becoming a hair stylist, she had a perfect, ordered image in her mind: the cool, impossibly chic (dressed in black) professional employed by a big-name salon in Manhattan. As an NYU undergrad in the 80s she, herself, had been a client at V.S. and watched the stylists in awe; they were sculptors and artists, mostly mute; focused as surgeons as they worked.
 Several years later, image intact, and now armed with 1600 hours of beauty school, Nanci was excited about her first day as a stylist on trendy 4th St., Berkeley, CA. That is… until her new bosses took her back to the break room and insisted ”You have to open your mouth and talk… or else, you cannot work here”.
 Scared of losing her job, she opened her mouth, engaging the clients in conversation. Not being one for small talk, Nanci spoke of her own life experiences-some proud, some shameful. Clients in turn, divulged private things,painful things, and sometimes, just plain hilarious things.

There were, at minimum, weekly revelations.
 Although this dialogue was far from the ideal of the silent artisanship that she’d imagined for herself, it occurred to Nanci that while some people may just come for the haircut, what happens in and behind the chair-between stylist and client-is often a more complex and layered arena for human connection.
          Nanci knew she needed to share this with the others in the form of a documentary-a film that captures some of this intense, and strange little world where people sit a chair, look straight into a mirror, and tell the stories of their lives. A few of her clients agreed to be filmed  over a period of 1 ½ years; each client returning every 6 weeks.

In this documentary Nanci also examines thoughts and feelings about boundaries and the sometimes "fuzzy line" between client and friend. At a minimum one can view this and relate to the range of emotions that come up around getting one's hair cut in his/her youth or as an adult and how many of us "present" ourselves to outside world.




Winner of the Grand Festival Award - Trailer - Current Projects, at the 20th Berkeley Video & Film Festival 2011 - October 1, 2011

This project was successfully funded on Kickstarter, donate to this upcoming documentary today see below donate information.


“The Last Mambo” explores the  world of Salsa/Latin Jazz in the San Francisco Bay area from diverse perspectives of dancers, DJs and musicians.  The film discusses how  the  dance aesthetic, musical presentation and cultural context have changed in the wake of  Afrocuban music’s growing  popularity and commercialization.  “The Last Mambo”, punctuated with  interviews, photographs and concert footage captures the spirit of Salsa/Latin Jazz, celebrates its rich cultural heritage and  debates the nature of its future.

Rita Hargrave – Director - Producer - Videographer
Rita is dancer, dancer, teacher and dance historian and geriatric psychiatrist.  She is the founder of www.salsaroots.com,  Bay Area based website devoted to the Afro-Cuban, Afro-Puerto Rican and African American roots of salsa dancing.

This is her first documentary.



501(c)3 Fiscal Sponsor:  East Bay Media Center. 


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Project completed!

"This Way Out: A Step By Step Guide To Starting A Worker Cooperative"


A DVD guide to starting a worker cooperative is vitally needed.  Millions of Americans with experience, skills and innovative ideas are currently unemployed or underemployed.   Many feel they have been “aged out” of the job market.  Some are students wondering what will be available for them when they graduate.  Many others no longer want to work for corporations that pollute, or engage in other destructive practices.  Others realize that the best way to get needed services in their communities, particularly sustainable jobs, is by doing it themselves and being a worker-owner.
How people are treated while trying to make a living effects our entire democracy at its most fundamental levels. The DVD's includes creating business plans, types of cooperative structures, creating by-laws, legal and financial terminology, various funding options, organizing a structure to deal with conflicts, as well as profiles of diverse cooperatives. A flexible, inexpensive learning tool for groups and organizers. DVD's (English, w/Spanish language option).

DVD's available at: http://www.mightysmallfilms.com/This_Way_Out.html


The Mangrove Project

Project completed!




Paper Promises - The Larry Harvey Story

Released-Project completed








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